Thursday, October 30, 2008

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I'm finally posting pics from Stephen's birthday party. Wow! We had a great time. The games were fun, the food was great! My nephew, Reece, BIL, Ronnie, and fof, Tony, did an awesome job creating a haunted trail. Nieces Colleen and Hannah helped out in scaring us along the trail. The witche's autopsy chamber was a hit...I think the adults were way more grossed out than the kids. Thank you all for taking part in this special day for Stephen!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fun Fall Evening

On Friday evening, Virgil and I took Stephen and our nephew, Cole, and niece, Megan to a cornfield maze! What a great time to be outside. It was windy and cool. The kids felt a little "spooked" because it was dark and the corn towered above all of our heads. They each had a flashlight and ran through the maze, taking turns at being "the leader." Virgil and I trailed behind enjoying their mirth and "kidness!"

Stephen and Cole shot a huge sling shot, launching water balloons at a huge wooden pumpkin. They each hit the pumpkin a won a free cola. They enjoyed a slide and then we all ended the evening on a hayride. It was a perfect family fun fall adventure!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I've been MIA

I'm rededicating myself to blogging because I really enjoy it.

So what's been up with me lately?

My last post was about Homecoming week at Stephen's school. I made Stephen a garter. It turned out great! We went to the football game and had a great time. The first half was a bit of a downer because our team wasn't playing all that great. BUT, WOW...they must have gotten chewed at half time because they came out ready to play.

My mom is doing well. She is still in the rehab center and may stay until mid-December. She is trying to decide what she wants to do.

My brother, Tony, had a huge kidney stone last week - 13mm. He went in and had in blasted. While there they found a blood clot in his leg. He was released after the procedure. THEN on Sunday he had to be taken back to the hospital via ambulance with shortness of breath and chest pains. Come to find out, he had massive amounts of pulmonary embolisms! WHAT?? He is doing better - on blood thinners, and had a "filter" put into a main vein. Sounds like science-fiction!

We are having a craft and bake goods silent auction at work on Thursday to raise money for our charitable campaign. I have lots of ideas, but have not done a thing yet! I'm going to try to do a couple of crafts and a couple of baked items to contribute. I'll post pics when I get them done.