Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cousins and friends

Their Grandmas are sisters. Their Mommas are cousins. These boys are cousins and friends. I hope they are always close and value their family relationships. They are so loved and they are part of the future of our family. And lucky me, I am their great Auntie. God has planted blessings everywhere for his children to discover.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Some summer sweetness

I experienced some summer sweetness this weekend. Fourth of July at my brother and SILs home was nice, and then on Sunday we celebrated my great-nephew Aiden's 5th birthday. These great-nephews and great-nieces of mine have my HEART. Sweetness, each one of them.

The birthday boy loved the big water slide that was set up in the backyard of his Mia's (grandma, my sister Jill) house.
Here he decided to slide down on his tummy and he's telling me, "Aunt Amy, I hurt my WHOLE self!"

A bit later, he had to show me how far he could shoot his arrows.

 And here he's just giving me a goober face! ;)

His cousin Jaxon got in on the sliding fun too! (he loved it...wish I could get the whole video to load)

After that he decided he'd ride with his momma.
Next he decided to play in the dirt!

Dirt in the hair and behind the ears means it's a good day when you are a 3 year old boy!
 And then I caught him on a cheetos break.

And the newest bit of sweetness is almost 2 month old Skye Laverne. 
Just plain sweet.

I hope your summer has sweetness too!