Monday, November 26, 2012

Good Ste Hunting

Thanksgiving weekend was wonderful! All that is should be - family gathering near, great food, relaxation, a little crafting, a little shopping - no Black Friday shopping! However, on Saturday I did some thrifting:

The other big deal for us this weekend was hunting.  My in-laws recently bought some hunting land in Oklahoma. We spent the Thanksgiving weekend in a cabin at Wister State Park. And Virgil got to take Stephen hunting. Stephen has hunted before, but the circumstances were never really prime. This time...they were.


I'm so glad these two got to spend this time together!

3 bullets used...3 deer down. [We like to call him "Ol Dead Eye Ste"]

Stephen tagged out on Saturday. He got a buck and then two doe. Our freezers will be packed!

We will be getting a shoulder mount of his buck - a 9 point. The first deer he has ever taken!

I think he is now hooked!

So happy for you Ste!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Today's drama

I subconsciously snoozed the alarm this morning. Five times.
I was late for work. And I didn't even have time to shower. Grody.
I did, however, have time to stop at McDonald's for coffee and fruit and maple oatmeal.
I have my priorities.
Work was productive for the most part.
Except when I mailed a 6 figure check to a vendor when I was supposed to hold it for pick up.
Highlight of the day? IMing with my friend, Cindy.
We discussed, in depth, the possibility of going vegan in January.
You can laugh. It's ok.
I worked until 5 to cover for a co-worker having a dental extraction.
Of course, Stephen got out of football practice early on the day I work late.
First call:
"Can you come get me?"
"No, I'm at work. Catch a ride."
Second call:
"I can't find a ride."
"Seriously? NO ONE will give a ride?" rolling my eyes at the drama, and then "Walk to your Aunt Jill's"
Third call:
"I got a ride home, but YOU have my key and I'm locked out."
"Enjoy the outdoors! Or go to one of the neighbors or your (other) Aunt's house."
I arrive home and Stephen walks around the corner, in shorts and t-shirt, fake shivering, as if I've asked him to sit outside in below freezing weather. BTW - it's 55 degrees. AND he has a bag with him which contains sweatpants and a hoodie. [do not feel sorry for this boy!]
Oh, and that other aunt lives not even a block down the road.
Today = Drama.
I have accomplished a little creating this week; I finished my first loom knitted hat!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hello new week

It's Monday.
I made it to work on time. Yay me.
But then I left early.
Stephen is all sicky.
I zoned out at a 4 way stop on the way home. I was sitting there like it was a red light.
Thriller was playing on the radio. That got me thinking about zombies. Which got me
thinking about The Walking Dead. Which got me thinking about bug out bags... you get the point.
Rabbit Hole.
So the lady behind me gave me the looooooooonnnnggg honk.
I drove. She zoomed around me, staring me down and holding her hand up in the air.
Well, bless her heart.
I didn't create at all this weekend.
I did supervise Stephen's creation of the Alaskan State Flag using a
pillowcase, paint, stencils and brushes.
That was fun!
Homework that gives me a chance to craft with my 15 year old boy is rad.
Niecee-Poo Katrina turned fifteen yesterday.
These kids need to STOP growing up.

Sad to say I have not fluffed the inside of my house for Fall. Sad. Very Sad.
But, I'm going to this week. Even it is for just a short time period.
Need it. Want it. LOVE it!

And, I'm going to craft something too.
I will.

Friday, November 9, 2012


It's Friday. Yay! Football. Band. At my alma mater. WooHoo!
The weather is fallish and fine. Though, I'm ready for some cold. Yes, it's early November. In Texas. But, unh, still. [imagine a stomping foot]
Last year we had no winter. No Snow. NO Snow!
Now I have scenes of White Christmas running through my head. I'm on a train with Bing Crosby. Singing.
I'm Rosmary Clooney. ♪ ♫ NOoooooo SNooooW! ♪ ♫
I'd totally dig a Vermont style snow. Right here in North Texas. Yeah buddy.

Weekends. I love them! Stephen and I are working UNT Concessions tomorrow to help raise money for band boosters. A.LOT. of our time is taken up with band. It's cool. He digs it. Therefore, I dig it. Virgil will be at the hunting land. Getting ready for the Thanksgiving weekend hunt. Hope my boys get a deer. Mostly hope they enjoy the male bonding stuff. Weird.
Stephen texted me from school earlier this morning, "Will you plz make big red ice-cream this weekend/:0/"
Umm...kick some butt on the football field tonight and we'll see, buddy.
Seriously though. He's requesting Big Red ice cream. In November. We need COLD.
And hot chocolate.
Big Red ice cream is for summer. July. To keep us from melting.

I want need to craft this weekend. Must finish the hat I'm loom knitting. Start a new hat. Sew a couple of Zippy Strippy Blankets, and start on a batch of little somethings I'm making for the little men in my life.
Love my nephews and great nephews.
So glad I'm past the 2 yrs old and younger stage of parenthood. Whew!

Also want to make something yummy. Too bad a grocery store has to be involved.
So going to be a Stephen chore when he gets his license.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Celebrations

Football, band, birthdays, our wedding anniversary and, of course, Halloween makes October a busy month for celebrations. I posted about Stephen's 15th birthday - a casual affair at CiCi's pizza. 

The was another birthday in our little family in October. That's right...I turned 40!
My family gave me a birthday party at a local restaurant. I love gathering with my siblings and nieces and nephews. They definitely are part of my JOY! My sisters provided a special birthday hat...they are just SOooo funny! {eyeroll}

Virgil and I also celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary on the 26th. Not only do we LOVE each other, we totally LIKE each other too! ;)

It has become a bit of a tradition for me to make Halloween costumes for a couple of my great nephews. It thrills me. I know as they get older they will most likely want dress in commercial costumes, so I truly cherish this time while they are little.

This year Aiden was a Jack-O-Lantern and Jaxon [his first Halloween!] was a dinosaur.

Aiden with his mommy, Hannah

Jaxon with his mommy and daddy, Colleen and Eric

Aww, what the are some more!

We enjoyed a weiner roast and handing out candy at sister Jill's house again this year. Love this tradition.

I didn't see this cutie until the end of the evening. My beautiful niece Megan was a Native American princess:

Unfortunately, I missed getting a picture of my nephew Sam. He was an awesome looking Iron Man!

October is done!

Now bring on the turkey.