Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Welcome to the world baby boy...

I know it has been similarly said, but didn't I just see Hannah being born yesterday? What happened to my 17 year old self? Wanting to be there for her big sister, excited to see her niece or nephew, but ready to rush back to school as soon as possible. Afterall, her boyfriend was there and it was cheerleader photo day!

It is not possible that 20 years have passed! Yet, today {in an instant; a blink} I sat in a waiting room beside my own 12 year old son and awaited the arrival of my great nephew, Aiden. He is a beautiful, healthy boy and as I held him I was a 25 year old Mom again, clucking over my own son. I was a 17 year old girl again, experiencing life - literal, breath stealing, humbling - life!

Welcome to the world baby boy........ BOY - are you in for a ride!

Fun Flip Flops!

It's fun to wear flip flops in the summer! {Sorry Kristen! ;)}

I saw these cuties over on the Sisters' Stuff blog and I immediately knew I had to make a pair for my nieces, Megan and Makenna. Can't wait to give them to the girls!

You can get the tutorial here.

For Makenna:

For Megan:

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sometimes it takes me a while...

Sometimes it takes me a while to follow through, but eventually....I do!

Back in February I showed you this:

It's an old typewriter stand that I thrifted for $7! WOOT!

It is now {finally} a plant stand for my entryway:

{contented sigh} Just looking at it makes me happy! :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Most Awesome Give-a-Way!

You have to go, right now, over to The Podunkian Post Gazette and check out these awesome bowl covers that Staci makes. Yep, she MAKES them! How cool is that? And they are adorable.

And now she's giving one away!
I had a bit of a dilemma deciding to post about this, because you see, I really want to win. And if I tell y'all I know y'all are going to go right over there and enter too. BUT, I'm feeling easy and peaceful since it's Friday and all. So go on. Scoot! Check her out. She's super funny too!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

V is VOTE for us!! {pwease!}

It's Alphabe-Thursday!
My son, Stephen, and I are trying to win an iPad! Will you vote for our photo?
I know. I'm shameless!
Here's the pic we need you to vote for! He is currently ranked 10th - we really need your help!
You can learn more about what this photo is all about here.

Contest ends on Sunday June 20th!
Voters need to have either a facebook or twitter acct.
Hit the link, create a smile acct (this is really easy!!), will be prompted to validate either facebook or twitter acct (just links folks to sign in) and then they will have 4 votes. Click on Stephen’s picture and click the yellow vote button. Can vote 4 times in a row! Please give all four votes to Ste’s pic. WE REALLY want that iPad!!!
Thank you! I promise to return the favor someday! :)
Seriously! If you never need me to vote for anything...just let me know! I'm your gal!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Awww Shucks!

Well, we didn't win with our Gooseberry Patch Cookbook Preview party. But, we all agree we had a blast and would definitely do it again. Hmmm....maybe a couple of times a year? I might just have to "cook" something up! Get it? LOL hahahaha...ok that's probably ONLY funny to my warped mind.

In the meantime congratulations to Niki and her guests. I bet their party was a blast! You can read about her win on the Gooseberry Patch blog.

Thanks for the opportunity Gooseberry!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Baby Shower...Check!

We've had the baby shower! Now I'm {im}patiently awaiting the arrival of Mr. Aiden ~ my newest Grand Nephew. CAN. NOT. STAND. IT!! And this one will live in my town. YO!

The shower was a success! Good eats, good company, lots of gifties for Momma and babe.

Here's how it went:

Monday, June 7, 2010

Funny & Sweet Grand Niece!

"I can spin! You want to see?"
"Whoa! I'm so dizzy!"

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Gooseberry Patch Cookbook Preview Party!

The Gooseberry Patch Cookbook Preview Party was a blast! My niece Cathy and I hosted the event together. We picked recipes from Gooseberry's newest and yet to be released cookbook, Slow Cookers, Casseroles & Skillets.

On the menu:

Mushroom Roast
Jeanine's Noodle Casserole
Brown Sugar Basil Carrots
German-style Green Beans
Yeast rolls (not from book)
Amaretto Strawberry Trifle (not from book)

The food was delicious and the company, amazing! There was lots of chatting and laughing.

Thanks,Gooseberry Patch, for giving us a reason to be together and visit!

Please check back for information on how to vote for our party on Facebook!