Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Productive Weekend

This past weekend we had the kind of weather that makes me think I could pitch a tent by a river next to a field of antelope, throw up a clothes line and live forever. Then bedtime rolls around and I know it will never be. I love my bed too much.

BUT, the weather was scrumptious. A day that would have been perfect for rolling down a grassy hill. Energizing. And so, with an absence of hills, we tackled some projects.

I started out the day helping my SIL paint the living room of the new rental she and her kiddos are moving into, while Virgil and Stephen painted the inside of our shed to seal all the wood before we start moving stuff in.

I also painted this old plant stand for a little house warming for my SIL. I nabbed the stand for a buck at a flea market last spring. It turned out so cute in Rustoleum's Apple Green. I have a full picture of the finished stand but blogger is being a total butt and I'm tired of messing with trying to add photos for now! {ex of blogger buttdom..I have no idea why this entire sentence is underlined??? big time eye roll}
We also worked on some Subway Wall Art I've been wanting to get together. I painted the wood and Virgil helped me build the frame. Or maybe I helped him...but who's keeping track, right? :)

Now I just need to find the perfect spot to hang it in our living room...{notice the underlining is gone? I have no clue why...!} You can learn how to do this subway art here.

Here is how Patch
and Rainer helped out! ;)

~lovely weekend~

Friday, February 24, 2012

It's Track season

The first JH track meet of the year was last Thursday. Stephen throws discus and shot put with this group of guys. The first two, he's been in school with since Kindergarten. That's a cool thing about small towns. Stephen is the only one in gold and if you know me, you know that drives me IN. SANE! But there were no grays in his size. To which I say, "Order another pair!" But, alas, no one asks me and I don't want to be a helicopter or anything! ;)
I didn't take my camera this time.
I pirated these off the school website.
And this is as far as they go. So, yep, taking my camera next time to capture the launch!

BTW, he got first place!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

50?!! I demand a recount!

Today is my sister's, Carla, 50th birthday! We celebrated on Saturday with a brunch.

There was yummy food and drinks and lots of visiting with the ladies of the family.

She's worth celebrating!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I remember a dump truck

I’m pretty sure I had the best dad ever. He’s been on my mind a lot lately. Yesterday would have been his 77th birthday and I would have loved to have celebrated it with him. Of course, he’s praising our heavenly father…could there be a better birthday celebration? No way!

Yesterday, one of my coworkers brought his daughter into work for a short time while his wife was attending a meeting. As I listened to her happy chatter, my mind warped back in time to the late 70s and early 80s when I was the chatterbox at my own Daddy’s elbow. Daddy drove a dump truck at this time in our lives. He hauled dirt and gravel, and I surely don’t know what else, for various construction projects.
google images
I didn’t go to work with Daddy often, but when I did, oh, what a treat! I remember bumping and bouncing along in that big, old, yellow dump truck. Scattered about me, on the seat of the truck were coloring books and crayons, baby dolls and trucks, and books and chalkboards; plenty to keep a young girl busy. Daddy’s old, black, battered lunch box and a thermos of coffee sat in the seat between us and mid morning there was usually a Little Debbie Oatmeal Pie and milk fished out of the box for me to enjoy while Daddy dumped his load.
At midday, Daddy would pull that big truck into the parking lot of a small store in Lake Kiowa. He’d help me out of the truck and hand in hand, we’d make our way to the back of store and the old lunch counter. Though our lunch was usually brought from home, we still sat at the counter with the other men. I said my hellos, and I’m doing just fine, thank yous and then quietly ate my sandwich, listening to the rumbling words and laughter of the men at the counter. I loved watching my dad with other men. I recognized the respect he was given and I was proud of him.

During these times, I’m sure I filled my daddy’s ear with endless chatter about whatever was important to a 6 or 7 year old girl of the times. He would respond with “Mmmmhmmm” or “We’ll See” or “Is that so?” But sometimes, he would simply nod. I didn't have to see him nod to know
he acknowledged me, to know he believed in me, to know he was there for me -- no matter what.

That's the childlike faith I'm seeking for myself now. I want to live my life BELIEVING my heavenly Father, my God, my creator. Believing he acknowledges me, believes in me and is ALWAYS there for me. Even when answers to prayers take longer than I think they should (you know, not instantaneous ;) ), even when the answer isn't what I WANT. Thank you, God, for keeping your faith in me, even when I let my faith in you falter. ♥

Thursday, February 9, 2012

growing pains

Something has been eating at my boy for the last few days. Oh, how I questioned him and oh, how he clamped down, became agitated, and oh, how he acted as if "it" was no big deal {you know, that, "Mom, this is so NOT important to me" attitude.}

And so, I shut it down. I tried to drown my worries in mini cupcakes, to tamp down the aching in the pit of my stomach with mindless pinterest perusal. And, finally, I remembered to pray. Hate that it takes me so long sometimes. I prayed on it and prayed on it. I prayed for him. I prayed for me. I prayed for the others indirectly involved. And the most amazing thing happened.

I let. it. go.

I let GOD.

Why do I fight it so much? Letting GOD have the worry? geez

After work today, I laid down for a bit to get rid of a headache. Stephen came home from school and laid down beside me. We talked about his Algebra tutoring, and how track practice was going, and then he opened up. And I listened. I encouraged. I watched my boy take a step toward manhood as he worked through some growing pains.

And I thank God for helping me to be still.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

baby BOOM

We've had a baby boom in our family in the last year and a half!
What a delight all the precious babes are!♥
Mr. Aiden arrived on June 30, 2010.
Next came Mr. Elias {"Brown Bean"} on October 15, 2010.
Jump ahead about a year and we have the arrival of a girl!
Miss Maddie on Oct. 3, 2011.
And a little post Thanksgiving delight, Mr. Matias arrived on
November 29, 2011.
And now, we are anxiously awaiting the debut of Mr. Jaxon -
arriving sometime around May 8, 2012!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I am home today. Woke up with one of those headaches that get worse every time you move. And, if you move anyway, makes you nauseous. Then Stephen vomited. Sure, he's old enough to stay at home by himself, but he's still my baby. And besides...this headache.

I like being home. Prefer no one to be ill at the time. If you asked me, I'd tell you I think women or at least one parent should stay at home until the kids are grown. Of course, that is completely opposite of what I've done. Hind sight and all that. I might even elaborate and say both parents being in the workforce has been a major contributor to the downfall of the American family. And I'd assure you, that yes, I really believe that. Quanity will never win over quality. In my opinion.

Anyways, there would definitely be a few less people I'd like to high five in the face with a chair if I could focus on being wife and momma.

My head is full of projects and parties. So many projects I want to do around the house and hosting 2 parties soon - My sissy's (Carla) 50th birthday, and my niece's (Colleen) baby shower. I ♥ family parties. I think I need to make a list of the projects. I don't focus well. Adult ADD?

Healthy eating. I like it. So why do I have such a hard time doing it on a regular basis?

Sugar? Addicted lately and hate the way it makes me feel. So gonna kick the sugar thing in the face. NOT. WORTH. IT.

These things have been on my mind today.