Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Outside my window...

It is snowing again! Third snow of December and we usually only get ice. Loving it!

That Santa!! He really knows what I like!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Playing Santa

This is Stephen's first year to not truly believe in Santa. The dear still sat out treats and milk for the old guy. Stephen blesses me so. His heart is golden...even in these trying pre-teen times.

Virgil and I explained to Stephen that Santa is alive and well and lives within each of us. We told him that when the veil is lifted and we realize there is not an actual man that delivers presents on Christmas Eve that it is our turn to become part of the magic that is Santa.

Stephen played Santa for the first time tonight. As a family we secretly gifted a family in town. What a joy to watch my two special guys sneak to the front porch with a box of gifts. Stephen immediately headed back to me in the dark truck, while Virgil knocked rapidly on the door and ran around the side of the house and back to us. What a pleasure to give to others and to share that as a family. Back in the truck and down the road undiscovered, Stephen declared, "This is the best Christmas Eve ever!"

I could not agree more son! Thank you for reflecting the love of Christ in your glee of giving!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I feel it!

That Christmas spirit! Rising up in my chest. Delightful. Thankful. Wonderful.

Today is my last day of work until January 4, 2010. My guys are home and the next several days will be filled with Merry making. I am blessed beyond measure!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

~merry and bright~

Fun times decorating!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Tree Farm - December 2009

On Saturday we headed out to a local Christmas tree farm to get our tree. We went with Virgil's parents, his sister, Melissa, and her three children - Cole, Megan and Sam.

In our part of the world the variety of tree that is typically grown is the Virginia Pine. They are very beautiful trees! Here is Melissa, Cole and Megan with their tree picked out:

And here are Cole and Megan cutting it down!

and then Stephen had a turn:

the conquered tree...

We decided to pick our tree from some that are shipped down from the north. This year, we chose a Frasier Fir. It is so gorgeous! You'll have to take my word on that because I haven't taken a picture of it yet!! :) It smells delicious too!
A big THANK YOU to my FIL and MIL who treated us to our trees this year! Thank you Papa and Nana!
We loved spending the day with you!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

December 12, 1972

Until one month ago, I had never set eyes on this photograph of myself. I found it going through some of my Mom's photos. On the back is written, "December 12, 1972 - Carla and Amy" in my Mother's handwriting. There aren't a lot of photographs of me as a baby. I was baby #6 - who had time to take photos?! {LOL} But, here I am, not quite 2 months old sitting in my big sister's lap. 37 years ago today! There's a Christmas tree and some awesome Mod curtains (wish I'd come across those!!) I love this photo! Look at Carla's glasses! Look at her smooth 10 year face! Look how huge I am for a not even 2 month old baby!

How neat that I received a new Christmas "memory" for Christmas this year. With this photo I received a peek back to Christmas-time in 1972. Even then I was loved. Even then I was blessed.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Friday evening filled with Cheer!

This past Friday evening my friends, Abbie and Pilar, hosted a Christmas Giving Party. Each guest brought 2 yds of fleece and we made no-sew tie lap blankets for a small assisted living center nearby. We were spread out all over Abbie’s house. In her kitchen, living room…even the garage. It was great fun! We also played some games, had an ornament exchange and ate some delicious goodies.

Speaking of delicious – have you ever had Gluhwine (pronounced Glu-Vine)? This is a delicious German (I believe) mulled wine that you drink warm – not room temperature, but actually heated up. Friday was my first time to have it. I loved it…perfect for a cold evening.

{I think Abbie said something ornery right as she snapped this photo (disregard the dates!)}
I had great helpers with my blankets!

Ladies spread out in Abbie's Living Room.

We picked the garage - it was cooler and the Gluhwine really heated me up! :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

magical. SNOW!!!

Our first snow came early this morning. Magical December snow!! Of course, it is now all gone and cold rain is falling, but it is magical all the same! Just like Frosty said! All I had to do this morning to have Stephen hopping out of bed is open his door and yell, "It's snowing!" He popped out of bed and hurried to his window. I'm tellin' ya...magical!! :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's December!!!

Oh, I hope it passes slowly so we all can enjoy it!!
This month I am looking forward to completing some Christmas crafts, finishing up some homemade gifts, drinking lots of hot chocolate, donating, children's programs, band concert, Christmas parties, wrapping gifts, chair naps, Christmas shopping, Christmas music, the possibility of snow, and so much more! Oh and of course celebrating the birth of Jesus!
Happy December!