Saturday, August 31, 2013

This week

I'm joining Dana at the Old Red Barn Co again to share a few happenings this week.

  • Attended Ice Cream Social for the high school band. So fun getting a preview of their 2013 marching show. And, of course, I LOVE hearing my boy play his tuba!
  • Sent Stephen off for his first day of sophomore year.
  • Took Stephen to his follow up appointment with the orthopedist. Hopeful his sprained MCL will be healed up in 3 - 5 weeks. He's missing playing football and marching at half-time.
  • Looked at the weekly weather forecast and died a little. Geeeeezzz, why is it soooo hot in Texas?
  • Ignored the forecast and stopped at Bath and Body Works during my lunchtime mall walk, and loaded up on Autumn scented hand soaps and body sprays. One body spray is called Autumn Caramel Woods. Just yes!
  • Found this cake on thenovicechef blog, sighed, and fell in love. I must make this soon!
  • Attended the first regular high school football game of the season. Watched my boy on the sidelines. At half-time, he was seated on a folding chair on the 50 yard line, playing his tuba. Funny! I'll know he will be glad when he can stand and march with the group. 
    • Also at the football game....melted into a puddle from the heat and humidity. Did I mention it is HOT here? It's hot y'all. Ugh.
COME ON FALL WEATHER. I'm waiting! :)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Yesterday was Stephen's first day of Sophomore year. Yesterday was also the first time I haven't driven him to school on the first day of school. My work hours are early...
But my honey took this picture for posterity. {I typed prosperity first...ha!}
It's neat, this watching your child grow. 
I nostalgically long for his littleness. Yet, I cherish 15 year old, sophomore Ste. 

A few days ago Virgil and I were remembering a trip to the Great Sand Dunes when Ste was about 20 months old. His diaper-bottomed self would toddle down the trail ahead of us, looking back every few feet to be sure we were still there. Assured of our presence, he would take off down the trail again. Mr. Independent.

I suppose that's our parental purpose. To be there when they look back. We teach, encourage, reprimand, nurture...and watch the distance between "look backs" widen. We stand, ever-present in the background providing assurance. 

I'm so proud to be his momma.
It's the best!

Monday, August 19, 2013

This week...

I'm joining Dana at the Old Red Barn to tell you about my in the past 7 days. I don't know why I feel the need to clarify that.

  • I went on a job interview. It's not going to work out for me. But, wow, it was good to put myself out there again. Working in the same place for 14 years makes your interviewing skills a bit rusty. It was a good thing. Real good.
  • I sent eleventy hundred band booster emails and texts. It's that time of year!
  • I got up 30 minutes early each day to make sure my son got to early morning football practice on time. 
  • I cooked most evening meals at home!! SHOCKER! I'm going to get back to making them all at home...take out is a bad habit we have picked up over the last year. Not good at all!
  • I ran my son back and forth to band camp every evening. 
  • Bought school clothes for said son.
  • Reviewed his sophomore class schedule too.
  • I crocheted on a blanket for a gift to someone who's bday is in September.
  • Pinned a million items I'd like to make for the Fall Craft Fairs.
  • Signed up for 3 craft fairs and contemplated another.
  • Kissed and snuggled my sweet doggies a hundred times a day!
  • Impromptu visit with my sister
  • Taught my other sister how to use Pinterest
  • Watched my son play in his first varsity football scrimmage as a starter.
  • Watched him get injured. :(
  • worried
  • worried
  • Iced the top of his knee with ice for 20 minutes, the bottom for 20 minutes, no ice for 40 minutes...
  • Repeat the above 2234 times.
  • worried
  • Brought him drinks and meals and games and pillows and blankets and, and, and
  • Scheduled with an Orthopedist...that appt is tomorrow...that will be another week........
  • oh..and I bit a fly that was hiding in the straw of my McDonald's iced coffee.
  • I really hate flies.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mt. Rushmore, Peter Norbeck Scenic, Tunnels, Needles, and A Cave!

Thought I'd post some more of our summer vacation pictures!

Mt. Rushmore was wonderful to visit. We weren't at the park a long time, but viewing this icon of America in person was a great and patriotic experience.


 Peter Norbeck Scenic Byway was gorgeous! The air smelled delicious, and we Texans really loved the cool temps in July. Driving through the tunnels was fun.

Getting a shot of the tunnels without a vehicle in was near impossible. :)

 Next was Needles Scenic drive...

 And then the kids saw a cave they needed to explore.

 It was another great day of vacation!