Wednesday, April 21, 2010

N is for Nude Model

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I kinda spilled the beans with the title.








Oh, close your mouth! I was in college. It was the 90s. I needed the extra cash.

So, here's the deal. It's all a lie. I've never been a nude model. I wouldn't do that to anyone! Besides - Surrealism is not based on a model - it comes out of the crazy mind of the creator.

Ok, this post is an embarrassment. My hubs will hang his head when he reads this. And wonder why he ever married me. But, you see, I couldn't come up with an N post. And today a friend told me that she was once a nude model. And I was shocked. I'm pretty sure my mouth hung open. And she said, "There's lots you don't know about me." So when I sat here to type my N post the word NUDE floated across my brain. And...there ya have it.

Forgive me.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fun Day With Friends

What an awesome Saturday this has been!

Virgil, Stephen and I headed down to Euless around noon today to visit with friends, Rakshya and Bagunta, and little Devin Tappa, and Rakshya's mother, Mrs. Jangam. They prepared a delicious lunch for us - Chicken Biriyani and Greens. (Virgil threatened to kidnap Mrs. Jangam and have her come live with us! LOL)

After lunch we visited both the Hindu and Buddist temples with the family. What a wonderful experience! We are thrilled they shared this part of their lives with us!

When we left the temples, we stopped at an Indian Supermarket where we stocked up on some spices and frozen naan. Then back to the Tappas!

In the evening, Rakshya and Bagunta taught us to make Mo Mo. This is kind of a meat dumpling dish. The meat mixture had ground turkey, onions, garlic, ginger, cilantro and marsala. We put about a teaspoon or so of the meat mixture into a round piece of dumpling wrapper and then crimped the wrapper into a half moon shape. Rakshya loaded the dumplings into a steamer that had several layers. It only took about 10 minutes for each batch of Mo Mo to steam.

Next we all enjoyed eating them together! Rakshya also made an awesome sauce to go with the Mo Mo. It had tomatoes and oil and chiles, but I can't remember exactly how she said she made it. But, it was delicious!

It was a wonderful day - visiting and learning and watching sweet Devin dance!

Friday, April 16, 2010

We have chickens

We have chickens. At least, I think they're chickens. Maybe they're roosters. Time will tell!

Lucy and Alice came to live with us last Sunday.
My SIL, Melissa, got the chickens for her kiddos for Easter but as they began to grow she decided she needed to find a new home for them.

We borrowed a little cage for the chickens from our neighbors, The Johnsons. Virgil set it up in the backyard.And Stephen gathered some straw for bedding.
Melissa thought they were Cornish Game Hens.

Mr. Johnson is not sure he agrees.... The doggies? They think they might be FOOD!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


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I missed last week and the letter L - :( so sad about that!

But, now it is time for M. I was going to write something about my Mom. But, I don't want to feel nostalgic or sad. SO, I decided to write about MEATBALLS. And, no, I don't have a recipe to share. I never make MEATBALLS the same way twice anyway. I want to talk about some specific MEATBALLS. The MEATBALLS that are served at the University Christmas party every single year. Basically, the MEATBALLS are the only thing anyone ever remembers or comments on about the party. Everyone ♥'s the MEATBALLS! Before I attended for the first time, I was so stoked about these MEATBALLS! I waited in line forever. The MEATBALLS finally came into view...just tiny little MEATBALLS in a bbq sauce. I watched the dish of MEATBALLS diminish as I waited my turn. Someone in a uniform came and filled the dish back up just before my turn arrived. I piled my styrofoam saucer with MEATBALLS. I found a chair and I forked my first one. I put the whole MEATBALL in my mouth.

IT. WAS.......a huge disappointment!

Seriously, you know those frozen meatballs you buy in the huge package at Sam's Club? Yep...ONE and the SAME!

But, guess what? I still join in the MEATBALL talk every year. I still go to the party. I always put a few MEATBALLS on my plate. I always eat the MEATBALLS.

And then rub it in if someone arrives too late to get some!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Early Bloomers!

I've been enjoying our Springtime yard!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

K is for Kiniptchin

I'm playin' with Jenny ! {Alphabe-Thursday}

Kiniptchin (cu nip chin)

A fit which just might include layin' on the ground, kickin' legs, and bellerin' until I get my way.

Of course, I am a lady, and I never throw Kiniptchins. I have learned much more subtle ways of getting what I want!