Thursday, June 4, 2015


Sometimes I make things never. Sometimes I make things lots.  

A family baby shower in early May was the ignition to my current makerly feast.

I made circle garlands,

Poof balls,

a butterfly mobile,

Mom-to-Be, and Dad-to-Be corsages,

I like the how it came together.

And then I made the new baby an afghan (mom and dad love the color purple) ;)

And there is a little tutu in the making for little Skye too. (Mom and Dad and LSU Tiger fans.) ;)

 Here's my baby, holding his new baby cousin - Skye Laverne Trahan

I've also worked a bit on this zippy strippy quilt for my great-nephew, Jaxon. His momma helped me pick the fabric when she was carrying him. Now he's three. Feast or famine with me and sewing y'all!

But, I'll have it finished in a few days. (i hope, i hope, i hope)

Speaking of adorable is he!? (I don't know why it's sideways...just tilt your head to the right!)

My dear friend Robbie had a birthday yesterday, so I picked her out some smancy French soap and made her a soap sock. These are cool. I'll be crocheting some more. Y'all should check my shop in the next couple of weeks and grab one!
 Yesterday I had a craving for Nutella that would not be denied! So I made these. Get a can of Pillsbury croissants, or whatever brand. It doesn't matter to me. Separate the triangles, plop a spoonful on the fat side of the triangle, roll up into the croissant shape, and bake them according to the instructions on the can. Husbands, children and co-workers will sing your praises.