Monday, February 18, 2013

Past silliness and current stuff too

I am home from work today. Sick. I'm saying it is a cold, and not the infection that kept Stephen home four days last week.

We had gorgeous weather yesterday. Up to 70 degrees on a February Sunday. Virgil cooked turkey brats on the grill. They are yummy, less fattening and so easy. I especially like easy.

I'm looking at a pile of towels that need to be folded. Patch has decided the pile of clean towels is exactly where he needs to sleep this morning. I should re-wash the towels, but I'll be honest and say I won't. Hey, Patch had a bath on Saturday. It's all good.

Weight watchers is going well. I follow the program great for a stretch of several days and then I have a couple of days of sweet tooth and pasta cravings in larger than normal portions and I decide not to track those day. So far I've lost a total of 10.4 lbs in just over a month. I'm not giving up. :)

My dear friend Cindy and I have joined the Rec Center at work and plan to start walking on the indoor track this week in the evenings right after work. We will work up into more activity. Are also considering a water zumba class there later in the spring.

My head feels like a hundred angry men are marching around up there. LOL...Patchy just snored and scared the begeez out of me.

I hooked up an old hard drive the other day and found some silly pictures of the three of us from the summer of 2008. Stephen attended Science camp at the university where I work each summer from 2nd to 6th grade. The last day of camp was a time for the parents to come see what the kids had learned and have fun exploring and learning. I love these silly photos I came across.

~happy day folks!