Monday, October 11, 2010

~turning leaves~

Everyone must take time to sit
and watch the leaves turn.
~Elizabeth Lawrence


Jenny said...

My darling AMY! What a fantastic picture of a tree taken in Arkansas two years ago.

I have a funny story to share. A bit earlier I was going to post a comment but I was thinking about how I won Carol's giveaway (and you didn't nya, nya, nya, nya, nya) and I almost called you Carol.


Isn't that hilarious?!?

Hugs and silliness from AZ.

Amy said...

You are a complete NUT, Jenny! But I love ya anyway! :)

Tony, Jimi, Nicki, Joey, Ryan and Kaycee said...

Wow! What a fabulous picture!!
Well, I am back to blogland and so excited to see what you have been up to missy...:)
Gonna head on over to the patch too...oh how I have missed you all!