Thursday, October 13, 2011

~band treats~

Disclaimer: Photos taken with my crappy camera phone. {le sigh}

If you've never mixed candy corn with roasted, salted peanuts you are missing out on an essential October treat, babeee! I LOVE the stuff. So, when I realized it was my turn to provide some treats for the band, this mix flashed immediately onto the smartboard of my brain!

Then, of course, I had to come up with packaging! I bought a this pdf
from etsy and LizAnn customized it for me. Bonus good luck: It was already had one of our school colors [maroon]. *score 1* Which worked out really great because I was just going to print them in black and white (color prints are expensive peeps!) But FedEx messed up and printed them in color for me for the same price I would have paid for black and white! *score 2*
{eye twinkle}

Score 3? Lots of snacking as I assembled the bags!


Carol said...

Oh yeah....I add reese's pieces to my mix! I can make myself ill eating it!

Monica said...

Those turned out cute, Amy! I like them!

And really? I love candy corn, but it's really good with peanuts?? And Resse's Pieces, Carol?? I may have to try it. Wonder if Mike has any peanuts left from his secret ice cream topping stash?? Oh, and Joey MIGHT still have some Reese's Pieces left from the movies last night.

robyn said...

yummy, gonna make some!

robyn said...

yum will make some

Susan said...

Luv, luv this treat.

Aunt lodi said...

Oh yeah this is a must at our house every fall. I put it in a clear glass pumpkin bowl that I have. It takes like a Payday candy bar to me.

Jenny said...

I haven't tried this Miss Amy, but I'm gonna. Salty, sweet and yummy sounding.