Thursday, November 17, 2011

~bonfire! {beat Mart}~

Our varsity football team plays in Area playoffs tomorrow night.

Tonight the school hosted a bonfire pep rally.
And look who I found there! My nephew, Sam and niece, Megan.
Sam was enthralled with the fire. Love these two hoodlums!
Yep, found their handsome big brother too. Hi Cole!

Me and my huddy love enjoying the event!

And there's our Ste blowing that Tuba!

Beat Mart!

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Monica said...

Joey and I drove by a church yesterday and it looked like they were ready to have a bonfire. I want to go! Looks like you had a good time...I love how everybody is bundled up in hats and coats and hoodies, then Stephen looks like he's wearing a t-shirt. That's exactly how our Zac would be!