Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Remember When Wednesday...take 5

I don't know if this truly qualifies as a "Remember When.." since it only happened last week on vacation! :)

We decided to try Sharpie Tie Dying.  Which I found on Pinterest, of course!

We stayed up late our last night in Florida. Then Katrina stayed up all night (she wanted to sleep well on the car ride back to Texas!) and made one for her baby nephew (my great nephew), Jaxon.

 Here's Stephen's contribution...
 Katrina added more to hers later, but here's where she was at the time I gave it up and went to bed!
We made one for Jaxon's mommy (Colleen) too!
Link up and share your memories!


Monica said...

How fun, Amy! I'm loving all your "Remember Whens". That is so cool Stephen has cousins the same age. Our oldest daughter and my brother's oldest are just a month apart too.

Jenny said...

Wow. These are so vibrant!