Thursday, July 19, 2012

A healthy little snack

Don't you just love a good snack? I do. And if it's healthyish to boot, all the better!

This particular snack takes advantage of some local honey we are priveledged to have access to. This stuff is good. Seriously good. If I weren't lazy minded at the moment I'd think of a better adjective for it, but "Yum!" pretty much sums it up!

Here ya go:
2 sheets Low Fat Honey Grahams
1 TBS Almond Butter
1 teas honey
1/3 banana

Spread almond butter over the grahams, drizzle with the honey, add sliced banana on top and you get an energizing, 280 (1/2 the snack is really plenty if you are looking for lower calories!)  calorie snack that sticks with  you for a bit. And, satisfies your sweet tooth!

I enjoy a cup of coffee with mine!