Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Remember When Wednesday...take 10

In 2004, Stephen was in first grade. It REALLY does seem like yesterday. From age of 4 to about 8 or 9, Stephen was set on being a police officer when he grew up.  So naturally, when his class was studying community workers and got to dress up as their favorite, he chose to be a policeman.

Oh my you see his little handcuffs hanging out of his pocket. HA!
(and yes, his feet really were THAT big! Pre-cursor to the 14 or 15 size he wears now!)

I'm pretty certain he was the cutest policeman there that day!

 You agree, don't you? ;)

Share your memories if you'd like!


Monica said...

SO cute! And 14 or 15 shoe size?! Already? My son is 20 and wears 13 or 14 now.
Can't wait till the computer is all hooked up so I can play along too!

Jenny said...

He is absolutely the cutest policeman. Ever. Hope Julia likes men in uniform...ha!

Carol said...

Oh my lands....I can't stand it! Why do they have to grow up!! Adam wanted to be a rock many pictures of him with some sort of guitar....glad he grew out of that....kinda! LOL