Friday, March 14, 2014

I think about these things

This morning nothing was doing but I have some glazed donut holes with my coffee. I parallel parked right smack at the front door of the town donut shop, scrounged around in my purse for cash, and just as I was going to slam my locked car door, I noticed my keys laying in the passenger side seat. I snatched them up and threw up a prayer of thankfulness to the good Lord.

Because the last thing a chubby girl who lives in a little town of 1200 folks wants to do is lock her keys in her car. Before dawn. In front of the donut shop. Amen?


Carol Doggett said...

You make me giggle...pretty much every day! You're awesome!

Monica said...

Wow, donuts sound good right now. I'm glad you got your keys!!! :)