Friday, March 6, 2009

Things I love about Stephen

I love being a Mom. I really, really do!
But, sometimes I need to remind myself!
You see, my son is 11, a pre-teen, MOUTHY! 

So here are some of the things I particularly LOVE about being a Mom:

1. I love that I can still go into his room while he’s sleeping, sit by his bed, say a prayer and he never knows I’ve been there.
2. I love how we laugh together – we totally “get” each other’s personalities.
3. I love that even when I fuss at him, he knows I love him.
4. I love that he still likes to be tucked in at night.
5. I love seeing that dawning light of understanding in his eyes when he wraps his head around something.
6. I love that he knows how to wash clothes.
7. I love that he still likes to cuddle…(as long as no one knows) oops!
8. I love his love of animals.
9. I love that he looks so much like his dad.
10. I love that he likes to wear Chocolate Axe spray.
11. I love watching him play football and basketball.
12. I love hearing him say prayer.
13. I love that he is ticklish.
14. I love that he tries so hard – most of the time!
15. I love that he doesn’t like to play baseball!!!!
16. I love that he usually is interested in what I’m up to.
17. I love that he enjoys my interest in him.
18. I love his kind heart.
19. I love his caring nature.
20. I love that God entrusted him to Virgil and me!


Carol said...

That is so sweet! Your a great Momma!

Jenny said...

And I love that you shared all your heart warming comments about him. Print this out (with the date) and save it to give it to him someday.

~Kristen~ said...

And I love this post!!! So sweet!!!