Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day without

This is my first Mother's Day without Mom.

It was odd not shopping for a gift. Not planning a visit to see her. I miss my mom. I miss her the way she was before illness filled her every hour with pain.

This Mother's Day I am thankful. Because, though I am without her on this earth, I know where she dwells. I know her pain is gone.

I'm thankful that for 37 years I celebrated Mother's Day with her physically. And I'm thankful now to celebrate her life and what a great Mom she was to me. And I'm thankful to know that a reunion awaits. What a glorious Mother's Day that will be.

I love you Mom!


Linda said...

So sorry for your loss but you know she is there waiting for you! Blessing on Mother's Day!

Jo said...

She is waiting for you ... and love never ends ... it is eternal ... and she knows she is loved ... peace to you on this difficult day

Steph said...

I can so hear your heart and the grief of being without her, but also the assurance of her peace and joy. I'm am sorry you have to miss her. Blessings and a gentle internet hug to you this day.