Sunday, May 16, 2010

Senior Year {1991}

Yesterday, my sweet hubs and I decided to work on our ATROCIOUS garage. It was in need of major decluttering. I am happy to report that we accomplished quite a lot (with a bit to go).

I also came across some photos of the two of us together during our senior year of high school.

We were so young!
So cute!
So thin!



Linda said...

Cute Photos!!! We were all so much thinner then!!

Carol said...

You are adorable, because you are you! I felt that {sigh}....Dwen & I graduated high school 25 years ago at the end of did THAT happen....25 YEARS! {wahhhh}

Jenny said...

Love them Amy! I would recognize that amazing smile anywhere! Any yellow ware bowls out there hiding away?

Beth said...

Good Heavens Girl! You are still young and cute and maybe not as think as you would like but I'd even say still thin! And you have a GREAT smile!

Mardell said...

Oh Amy ~ you two make the cutest couple! Then AND now! Look how long your hair was ~ wowzers! And yes, who wouldn't recognize that beautiful smile? :o)