Friday, December 31, 2010

~12 photos for 2010~

So, I don't blog everything. In fact, often I blog only 3 or 4 times a month. I blog because it helps me relive events or because I have the urge or maybe it keeps my thoughts somewhat organized at times. I don't really know.

I looked through all the blog entries I had in 2010 and chose a photo to represent each month. Some of these were the highlights of our year. And some? Well some are just random, everyday life things. ;)

On January 15, 2010 Toby and Julie began their married life together. We were honored to celebrate with them!

In February, I pieced my very first quilt top. It is still the only one I've ever pieced. It is still not quilted!

In March I found crazy photos of my Stephen and my nephew, Cole, on Virgil's cell phone. {weirdos! hahahaha!}

In April, my SIL Melissa gave us the colored chicks she had bought for her kiddos for Easter. Ummm, thanks.... ;)

In May, I painted a brass trivet I found at a flea market. Love this green. Now hangs in my kitchen.

In June my great nephew, Aiden, was born. He is delicious!

In July, we had a staycation. Loads of fun and relaxing too!

In August, Stephen started Junior High. Can't believe my babe is a 7th grader!

In September, Stephen marched in the Pioneer Days parade. He has so much enjoyed learning the tuba.

Another new nephew was born in October. The yummy Elias!

November - a new print for our living room wall. Painted a dollar store frame.

A new camera for December. And I was so proud of this shot. The cookies were yummy too -Molasses buns!

Goodbye 2010.
Hello 2011. Be good to me please. :)

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Carol said...

I love it! Hoping to see LOTS more pictures and post from you y friend! Happy new year, darrling! May 2011 be full of magic for you and yours!