Sunday, January 2, 2011

~new year's blah~

You've started out ick.
Not nearly like heaven.
Cuz we are all sick.

So, yeah, we're all sickly. I've been filling us up with water and citrus fruit. Hoping it all passes quickly.

And that picture? Those lovlies were supposed to be sticking into some Sparking Cider cupcakes to celebrate the New Year. But, I didn't feel like cooking them and my guys didn't feel like eating them.

Yep. We're sick.


Carol said...

Right there with ya, sista! Dwen & I are sick too....the ball dropped, as we sat in a medicated coma, we looked at each other and I said....'I'll kiss ya, when we get up to go to bed...ok?' He was cool with it! Hope you're feeling better soon!

Jenny said...

Oh Amy, they'll be good for next year! Sparkling cider cupcakes. How intriquing.