Tuesday, February 1, 2011

~how february is like a middle child~

Well, at least this year it has come in screaming for attention! LOL

I make the comparison to tease my sister, Jill, who being the 5th of 6 children would really be considered one of the babies. (Me, arriving at position 6, being the true baby of the family.)

However, she is the middle sister. So it all applies! teehee

Why screaming? Because we've had rain, ice, sleet, snow, wind, and REDONCULOUSLY cold temps over the past 12 hours. Schools are closed. {not that I'm complaining because I work at a University...that is closed...and still paying me for the day. WOOT.} Businesses are closed. And I'm pretty sure I heard the term "Snowmaggedon" on the local news. Ummm...maybe a little overdramatization there.

So, where's a pic of our snow? ARE YOU CRAZY? It's below 20 degrees out with crazy blowing wind.



Monica said...

Come on...I've been going outside every hour to take pictures of our snow! Ok, but I don't have NEAR as much and it's not below 20, so I don't blame you!
Enjoy your snow day!

Susan said...

Same here and I really don't like it. I guess we are to hit a record low tonight.
Southern California is sounding so good right now.
Stay warm and dry,