Monday, February 14, 2011

~LOVE - card or photo holder~

I put this together back in 2007 for my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary party. The theme was Hee Haw and we used this chicken wired frame to hang pictures of them throughout the years. I brought it down from the attic this Christmas and decided to use it for hanging Christmas cards on. Then, I let it hang around to hold Valentine Cards! LoVe the look! And now think I will leave up year round and hang snapshots and/or cards on it. Whatever strikes my fancy.

{I bought this barn wood frame half price at Hobby Lobby back in '07. We had a roll of chicken wire and I just used wire cutters to get the right size and then used my staple gun to attach to the frame. Super duper easy!}


Carol said...

Super cute!!!

Susan said...

Very cute, I may have to copy.
Did the snow finally stop in your area? It did here and it is beautiful.
Blessings, Susan