Tuesday, May 3, 2011

~christmas tray to entryway welcome~

This tin Christmas tray has resided in my craft room since right after Christmas. I bought it on clearance at JoAnn's. ♥ that place!

I knew it would eventually become a chalkboard for my entryway.

And this weekend it finally did!


the 'Trees said...

That turned out great, Amy! I love chalkboards and I just happen to have a bunch of trays like that, spray paint AND chalkboard paint! Now, if the wind would just stop so I could spray paint without making a HUGE mess!

Jenny said...

Amy, this looks so cute! Love your chalk rose!

Aunt lodi said...

Amy that turned out really neat. DD #2 has one in her kitchen, she made from some of the really old cabinets they found in their basement. She took the door off and paint the edge a lime green and then the inset with chalk paint. It is pretty cool to.