Monday, May 2, 2011

~easter 2011~

I've finally gotten around to uploading my Easter photos!

This year we went to my sister's house (Jill) on Saturday to watch Little Aiden have his first Easter egg hunt. He couldn't be with us on Sunday, so we got some early Easter fun!

On Sunday, my sisters and their families and Virgil's parents, sisters, and families gathered at our house.

Menu: Egg Fu Yung, Chicken Fried Rice, Steamed Rice, Spring Rolls, Cream Cheese Wontons, Banana Pudding, and Carrot Cake!

We only had three hunters this year! Our kiddos are growing up!

Here's Elias (aka: Brown Bean) enjoying his first Easter egg hunt!

Sam and Meg are 'ol pros!

I love having my family in my home! ♥ them!

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Jenny said...

Amy, such sweet and happy collages you made here. They just made me smile.