Tuesday, June 7, 2011

~the post in which i proclaim my love of etsy~

Dear etsy,
I ♥ you!
I cannot sleep because I must browse your shops and mark a million items as my favorites.
My adoration has prompted me to ask my dear hubby if I could add you as a line item within our family budget. [still waiting for a reply]
I have purchased countless gifts from your lovely shop owners.
And they truly are ALL lovely.
Except the hag who took my money for two items just before Christmas and then promptly removed all the items from her shop and never answered my many and varied emails. :(
But, that is only one transaction out of, {gasp}, hundreds.
I also steal ideas from you. I see lovely handmade items and I think, "I could SO do that!" And then I do. Sometimes.
Thank you etsy. I love you forever. For always. Really!


Jenny said...

Etsy is a dangerous, dangerous thing!

robyn said...

Amy tell me some categories you check on etsy pls. I don't know where to start, but more and more people like it.

Amy said...

Robyn - I usually click on "All Items" and just type in whatever is my fancy at the moment! I've purchased handmade jewelry, vintage items, prints, pdf patterns, jewelry findings... to name a few. Good Luck etsying! :)

Karen said...