Wednesday, June 29, 2011

~sister time on vacation~

One day towards the end of vacation, we three sisters decided to get dolled up and hit the town in search of thrift stores and antique shops.
We made to exactly ONE thrift store and decided it was too hot and what we REALLY needed was some of these:'s the time spent together that counts, right? :)


~Kristen~ said...

Oh yeah!!! In hot hot hot weather frosty margaritas will always trump shopping for me, too!!!

Susan said...

I jut love sister time and margaritas. I really like strawberry margaritas.
Enjoy your sisters. You are all beautiful.

Anonymous said...

You can definately tell we are sisters. I love you both so much. I had a wonderful time being able to share this special time with you both. I love your blog sis. It's always a blessing and a joy to read. MUAH!!!

The Middle Sister,

Jenny said...

Beautiful sisters! Yummy looking 'ritas!