Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 blog in review

2011 is drawing to its close. I'm sitting here in my recliner, plans foiled by a nasty little cold that has me a bit whiney and irritable. {Sorry Aunt Vickie - I really wanted to celebrate the New Year with y'all!} My sweet hubs has steaks on the grill, a salad is made and potatoes are baking. (really sitting in the microwave waiting to be cooked when Vee gives me the word!lol) Brownies from the mix my SIL, Julie, gave us for Christmas are baked and sitting on the stove. Their scent filling the house with warmth. And a lovely adult beverage of Anejo, Coke and Lime is within easy reach on my end table. Not a bad way to end the year at all! (despite the cold that needs to evacuate my being PRONTO!)
I've been looking through my blog month by month for 2011 and pulled out the pictures that highlighted those particular months (at least for what I blogged about...)
January - beautiful snow! Hope 2012 brings some too!
February - Wintertime fishing with my guys.
March - silly family fun and weekend getaways
April - Track season drawing to a close..Ste got first place in shot put at each meet.
May - marked the end of Stephen's first year of band and we delighted in the end of year concert.
June - the wedding - Colleen and Eric Frampton
July - we had sweet visitors staying with us in our home for a bit during July.
August - Stephen's first shave
September - beginning of 8th grade football!
October - many [MANY] band competitions
November - girls trip ♥
December - Christmas, Thank you Heavenly Father
Family ~ Friends
Goodbye 2011. You treated us well.

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