Thursday, December 22, 2011

Good King Wenceslas (on double bass)

Exciting times in the Woods' home this week! Stephen expressed a desire to learn the double bass earlier this year. His dad made a deal with him: how ever much money he saved up to purchase a double bass, we would match. Stephen saved and saved and on Thanksgiving evening found a double bass online for 50% off and free shipping. So, yep, we ordered it.

It was delivered this week. Wow! It is huge!

Stephen also bought himself book 1 in a series of Double Bass books. He is already learning chords and songs. I ♥ how he just goes for it!

We arrived home yesterday from work and were greeted with the first part of Good King Wenceslas (which I pronounce wrong in the video [eyeroll!])

Hope you enjoy it too!

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