Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 365 - Fail!

The plan was to take a picture a day on manual mode. And keep track of it. And post the photos on the last day of the month. :) I didn't exactly succeed. But it's a start!

We made Pan de Polvo for New Years!

A painting project. I didn't take a pic of the finished project because I am crappy at free hand lettering! But it says Intention - to remind me of my goal for 2012 - to be intentional in my choices, activities, etc.
Our sweet Patchy. Just because he's so pretty!
The end of December through the first week in January, I was a hacking, running, snotting mess! ;)
Crocheting project...still not finished.
And that's where the numbering ends. Because that is when I started forgetting to take my camera with me. The rest of the shots were all taken on manual. Maybe February, I'll actually get a shot a day!

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Susan said...

Awesome, I want to try this. Wish me luck.