Friday, April 27, 2012

An Apology Matters

Today ugly happened. At work of all places. Most people consider me a sweet girl.  Which sometimes means they think I'm a push over. Which over the years has helped me hone this sharp tongue I was unfortunately "graced" with. I'm not proud of it and it takes a lot to get me there, but when I unleash, those involved rarely leave without wounds.

And so it happened today.  A lady (one I've had "issues" with before) made a comment to me that was uncalled for, and, well just plain ugly.  Without any hesitation, I zapped her right back.  I mean, why not?  I didn't start it, but H.E.L.L.O. if it needed to be finished I'd be happy to oblige!

When I returned from lunch, there was a handwritten apology on my desk.  And I was immediately humbled. Immediately awash in the grace of Him.  And immediately I prayed. For her. And for me. I accepted her apology, told her I was praying for her and asked her to do the same for me. 

Apologies matter my friends.  Yes, this was a bitchy (yes, I cuss on occasion and still proclaim my faith in God) little flare up between 2 (most likely pms'ing) women, but it translates across all wrongs. If you have wronged someone, big or small, and you care about that relationship - Apologize.  It's humbling for both parties.  And pray for the one you've wronged or who has wronged you.  His grace is sufficient. This I know.

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