Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Roberts' Sunday

This past Sunday was Roberts' (my maiden name) Sunday at Tabernacle Church in Gainesville.  It was hosted by a dear friend and pastor (He married Virgil and I), Hollis Parsons.  He was close with my parents and he wanted to honor them by having all their children and grandchildren attend church together and then enjoy a meal together afterwards. Not everyone could be there, so I'm thinking we need to plan another get together this summer!

To say I was blessed by the event is an understatement! 

Bro. Parson's spoke about the heritage of having spiritual parents and passing that heritage to our children. I believe Virgil and I are providing that type of home for Stephen, but I also know we have much room for improvement.  We do not attend church regularly and I think it is important for us to find a church home that fits our family.

I'm reflecting this week on the relationships of family.  We all have crap, ya know?  Geez, do I know! But that crap has no power against the shared history and love of a family. My expectations aren't to be best friends with every single member of my family. However, I do LOVE each of them. I'm interested in them and their lives and I care about their well being.  My goal is to accept the differences of my family with love and appreciation, to lift them up when I can, and to shower them with my love at every opportunity! ♥

And, isn't this an absolutely adorable pic of Mr. Aiden?

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