Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Remember When Wednesday

I always wanted to be one of those Momma's who scrapbooked. [is that the proper way to turn scrapbook into a verb? ;) ]  I gave it a good try. In the late 90s and early 2000s I bought a lot of scrapping crap [er, supplies], and I created a few pages [that never looked like what I imagined in my head.] I cut up photos [eeek...hate myself for that now.] I just couldn't keep up...with developing photos from my not very good film camera, scrapping, the new trends....[sighs]

And now that my Ste is 14, I wish I had books to look through.  It's just not the same with a huge plastic box filled with envelopes from Wal-mart, Target, etc, etc.

So....I'm giving myself an ongoing project.  Each Wednesday I am going to create a post of photos from "back in the day." I might even learn to embellish or something! But mostly, I'm just going to load photos and journal about them.

Let me know if you would be interested in joining in.  If there's interest, I will do a link party.

And just to get started:

This was taken in July 2005 on a fishing trip at my in-laws pond. Stephen was 7 years old.  He has always loved fishing and always had a long attention span for it.  We were and are always ready to call it quits way before he is! He's wearing his Daddy's fishing hat and sunglasses.  That sweet smile is all Ste!


Carol said...

I'm interested...and I do scrap book but looking back is always a treat!!

Sam said...

Never too late to scrapbook Amy! And I know where y'all can do some fishing.......:)

Monica said...

Fun! I want to play...after we move. I also want to start scrapbooking again. (Yes, you can use it as a verb!)

Jenny said...

I love this Amy! Summer break is MWF are gonna be wickedly busy. Love this idea!