Friday, May 25, 2012

Spring Band Concert 2012

Last night was the Spring Band Concert. 

Each year, the band director asks his 6th grade band to join the high school band for one number.
They did a great job!  Band is compulsory in the 6th grade, and Stephen is hoping to influence some of the 6th grade Tuba players to stick with it.

I can rarely see Stephen when he's performing during concert season. So I thought I'd point him out!{SMILES!}   He played Tuba during the ensemble program, and played his Sousaphone with the 6th graders and High School Jazz Band.

more arrows! hehe

A group of seniors put together this number inspired by a youtube video. There were 4 different people
playing the guitar.


There was also a group that performed a tube percussion number.  It was great!!

Virgil's parents came out to watch the program.  We enjoyed having them with us!

Stephen is passionate about music.  And we are passionate about him. ;)

Thankful for our blessings!

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Jenny said...

Ahhh!!! My son-in-law!

Amy, he is growing up so darned fast.

And did I ever tell you that little MoMo wants to play the Tuba? That always makes me laugh.