Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ste Performing

Is it any wonder Fall is my favorite time of year? All of our birthdays are in the Fall. Our Anniversary is in the Fall. Halloween, Thanksgiving; Fall and Fall! And then there's football and band, of which my boy takes a part in. Add on two more reason's to love Fall. {And, yes, I realize that according to the calendar, Fall does not begin until Sept. 22 this year, but in the Woods' home Fall begins Sept. 1 every year!}

This year, Ste scored a solo in part of the marching show. His solo is in the tune Pretty Fly by The Offspring.

Seriously, hearing him perform thrills me right down to my toes!


Jenny said...

I love this picture Amy!

robyn said...

how does he play football and march at the same time?