Wednesday, October 24, 2012


October 23, 2012

At fifteen you like tuba music, bass music, football (playing, not watching and games, not practice), to laugh, humorous videos, fishing, hunting, reptiles, trapping things in our backyard, giving me a hard time, heckling your dad, cash, scooping avocado with triscuits, tres leches cake, G2s, baggy tshirts, tennis shoes, hanging with dad and me, rainy days, snuggling under the quilt I made Grandma Roberts,The Walking Dead, Fringe, The Office, and anything with Jack Black.
You are funny. You love to laugh and make others laugh. You are helpful and kind. Smart and hardworking. Talented and Active. You rarely get into teenage snits. You're messy and disorganized. Loving and warm.
You are my son and I love you.

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Monica said...

Happy Birthday!!!