Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ladies Fall Get-a-way 2012

This past weekend my sisters, an aunt, a cousin and me headed out for our annual ladies weekend. We started the tradition four years ago. To say we look forward to this time is an obvious statement!

Many texts are exchanged in the weeks leading up to departure:
"What are taking to wear?"
"Are you bringing your crochet?"
"I picked up 4 bottles of wine today!"
"I hope we see a bear!"
"I wish we were leaving today."
"10 days Bitches!!"

{good times}

Five women. All good times. Competely comfortable with each other. No competition (not real, anyway), no comparison, no judging, no faking, no pressure.
Relaxation. Plain and simple.

 This year we headed to Angel Fire, NM. 
The aspens were golden. Pockets of glorious sunshine nestled among the dark evergreen of the pines and spruces.

I love the bark of the aspen trees. Back in our dating days my husband carved our initials in the bark of an aspen tree. We're still hoping to go back and find that tree someday.

Every bend in the road offered up a breathtaking view of the shimmering aspens. There were some shots I didn't get because I was focused on observing and absorbing the experience with every sense possible.

There were some lovely critters around our cabin.

 But, no, we never saw any bear!

One day, we drove to Red River to visit Oktoberfest and eat lunch at Old Tymer's Cafe.
I recommend the cheeseburger, add guacamole!

We drove through Bobcat Pass on our way.

My sissy, Carla, and me on a windy, sunshiny day!

Cousin Maudi, Aunt Vickie, Sisser Jill!

With all the golden aspens, I was surprised to see this one still green.

Due to the lovely Autumn season, I'm afraid the pines didn't get much of my attention.  But, they were gorgeous too. {don't worry pine trees..your season is coming!}

And as much as I love our get-a-way (and my mind is racing with ideas for next year), I am glad to be back home with my guys. I kinda like them a lot!


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Jenny said...

What a lovely time.

I felt like I was on this trip with you!

I wish I could give you a hug!