Saturday, April 27, 2013

Instragram life

I have not taken a photo with my real camera in forever. In fact, the battery is dead! I need to get it charged up today.

In the meantime, I am watching a male red cardinal hop around on my patio and the camera on my phone is too slow to catch him. Last week his babies were out of the nest and trying to fly. The poppa dive bombed Stephen when he went out to the back yard to check on the babies. Poppa cardinal knew exactly what he was doing and it didn't take Stephen long to dash back into the house after a couple of swoops!

Since the only photos I've taken since Easter have been with my phone, I'm sharing my Instagram shots today. Some folks have professional looking Instagram photos. Me? Not so much!

1. Friday night concert in our living room. Ste on upright bass...arco style.  2. Hunny bought a new truck. It is so comfy! And my knees don't have to be jammed in the dash while Ste's knees are jammed into my back. ahhhh  3.  My great-nephew, Jaxon, will celebrate his first birthday in a couple of weeks. I got to make the banner (There's a Happy and Birthday portion too. ;) )  4.  Stephen saved his money and bought an electric bass guitar. We will have to build an addition onto our house to store his musical instruments... 5.  A Sunday fishing trip to Lake Ray Roberts ended with this beautiful sunset.  6.  Menu planning...ugh. 7.  Stephen received an Outstanding Performance award at the SOSU Jazz Festival in Durant, OK. He was playing his tuba. We are proud of his dedication to his music!

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Jenny said...

He is getting so darned handsome, Amy!

Love that beach picture!

And your menu made me realize I forgot to eat breakfast!

I totally need to rectify that immediately!