Friday, June 7, 2013

Band Trip

Stephen is on a band trip this week to South Padre Island, TX. One of the sweet band moms who went as a chaperone is keeping me up on all the happenings via text and phone photos. I think she is precious to do that for me! (Ok, she's sending to a group of us, but still! ;) ) Stephen loves the beach. I know he's having a great time. He confirmed it with a rare text this morning. Apparently, keeping up with ol Mom and Dad isn't paramount on his mind at the moment. But guess what? Ol Mom and Dad are heading out for a little weekend getaway.

Just us.

Take that offspring!


Carol Doggett said...

I am jealous of!

Monica said...

How fun...for all of you! Hope you two enjoy your trip and glad Stephen seems to be having a good time.

Jenny said...

You and V have fun!!!!

I'm glad he's having a great time!