Sunday, July 14, 2013


 We've been home from our South Dakota vacation for one week now. I'm so glad we decided to do something different this year. As much as I LOVE our family beach vacations, it was exciting to see and experience different parts of this beautiful country we live in.
 Kansas was beautiful. We drove through Kansas on a Saturday on our way up to South Dakota. The wheat fields were golden! And everybody, seriously, it seemed like EVERY SINGLE FARMER in Kansas was harvesting their wheat fields on the day we drove through. Literally, south to north, the farmers of Kansas were feeding us. I'm so sad that I didn't pull out the camera that day.

 After stopping in Grand Island, NE for the night, we got up the next day to drive into Rapid City, SD. I got my camera out. I didn't want to miss another day of capturing the scenery.
 Nebraska is gorgeous! And not at all what I expected! I expected flat, boring land. But it was hilly, and fertile and green. You can see for miles. I loved our drive through Nebraska.

Lots of farmers in Nebraska too, and beautiful grasses. I hope to visit Nebraska and Kansas again someday.


Monica said...

So so pretty!

Jenny said...

Oh beautiful,
For spacious skies
For amber waves of grain.

Just lovely Amy!