Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursday Confessions

I’m trying to get back into the groove! You know, the “holidays are over, back to work, outta bed by 6, routine machine” groove. And it’s hard. And I’m tired! I miss my naps! Who would have thought that 2 weeks off work would throw such a kink in my routine? Two glorious, routine free weeks! And my poor little family….they suffer!

So, in hopes of rectifying my lack of routineness, I confess:

1. I haven’t cooked a meal all week long!
2. My laundry hamper is overflowing onto my bedroom floor (this is an understatement)
3. I haven’t worked on any projects all week! Wait…I did rip some fabric for a ZSQ on Tuesday! ahh
4. I don’t even want to talk about the state of my refrigerator.
5. LG (the Leopard Gecko) is hungry! I forgot to pick up meal worms yesterday!
6. Stephen is in between bedrooms – he has his desk and book case in one room and his bed, clothes and toys/etc in the other. And he really wants to get moved. And I really want to start on my craft room. …sigh…
7. I have no snacks prepared for my sweet hubby and tonight is the college national championship ball game.
8. I ate CinnaMelts from McDonalds this morning.
9. I’m outta coffee!
10. We’re down to one roll of TP in each bathroom!!

Gasp, gasp, …let me catch my breath. …. Ok, I feel better!

Have a great day!

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