Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursdays are nice

Thursdays are nice! Thursdays are fun! Thursday means days 'til the weekend equals one!

I've got problems. SERIOUS problems...just past two days off work due to ice and I'm still counting down until the weekend. Geez...Amy...there is LIFE during the week too!

That said, here are some fun things I'm doing DURING the week and after work. Tonight is bible study. Beth Moore - It's Tough Being a Woman (Can I get an Amen?) -a study in Esther. Love this study! And - after the study I am working on some ZSQs!

My Momma's b-day is tomorrow. And that's fun! I like giving her gifts. But, right now she is in the hospital. Not quite sure what's wrong, but she was acting all loopy yesterday so sister Carla took her in. She was retaining some fluid (she has congestive heart disease), but still not sure why she was so loopy. Good news is, she is feeling better today. Hopefully she won't have to spend her whole B-day in the hospital!

I still haven't gotten myself moved into my new craft room. And I ain't gonna lie and say it's going to happen this weekend...but I am making it a goal!

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