Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February 10, 1990

It was a Saturday. There was a Valentine’s Dance. My hair was freshly hot-rolled and teased. The new gauzy, ivory-colored blouse I had purchased for the occasion was tucked neatly into my cornflower blue trousers. The tall young man walking up to our porch was tall, with twinkling blue eyes, and looked ‘oh so cool’ in his tight-rolled, acid wash blue jeans. His name was Virgil, and he was my date to the Valentine’s Dance at our high school. It was our first date! Who knew we’d still be celebrating that date together 19 years later!

I love you sweetie-pie!


Jenny said...

Oh! So sweet! So happy you two met!

Carol said...

How charming! It was meant to be!
(And yes, 18 years went by waaayyy too fast! Makes me wanna cry!)

~Kristen~ said...

Oh Yeah! back in the day...gotta love the 80's!!! The big teased hair...did you douse in Aqua Net? I swear I should have owned stock in that stuff!!! LOL The tight rolled acid-wash jeans...ahhh the memories!!! :-)