Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Camping Trip

You never know what will happen when you go camping for Easter. Two years ago we went to the Texas Hill Country for an Easter camping trip, and woke one morning to sleet, snow, and freezing temperatures. If you are familiar with this part of Texas, you know this is a rare occurence anytime of the year, much less in April!

This year we went to Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Oklahoma. This is a beautiful area with lots of hiking trails, a nature center, and great fishing. Saturday was a perfect day for camping. The weather was delicious. Virgil and I even took a drive in my in-laws Galaxy Convertible (wish I had a picture to show you!).

We took the kiddos (our son, Stephen, nephews - Cole and Sam, and niece, Megan) on a nature walk. I loved observing the different personalities of each of the children. Sam, who is three, was solely focused on the cacti that could found scattered about to the side of our trail. "Ewww, Cactus!" He yelled at each new sighting.

Megan, age 6, who is studying butterflies in her kindergarten class was thrilled to see a few samples along the trail. I quizzed her, "Megan, why do they have those big black circles on their wings?" "Those look like eyes to scare away predators, Aunt Amy!"

Stephen(age 11) found each and every animal track along the trail and enjoyed having all the kids observe them with him.

Cole (age 11) was determined to find the absolute best skipping rocks. He found 7 and was sweet and showed his sister, Megan, how to skip a couple of them.

All of this made the all night downpour, flooded tent, and packing up in the rain worth it!

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Jenny said...

How neat Amy. I love their "walk". Sorry you got all soggy, though.