Thursday, April 30, 2009

bountiful memories

One of the things I cherish most about growing up in rural Texas is the memory of working in the garden and eating the bounty that resulted. I thought we were poor because our produce came from our pasture and our meat was raised in our “backyard” and sent to the butcher at the end of the summer! Now I realize how rich we were! And oh, how I would love today to be able to harvest fresh black eyed peas, tomatoes, squash, corn, and cucumbers - for those were my favorite. Also in summer there were cantaloupe and watermelon. I was certain I was the only kid in my “circle” who had watermelon without red flesh. And I’ll never forget the plum trees, peach trees and blackberry bushes and the abundance of fresh fruit they provided as well as the cobblers and jellies that were enjoyed as a result of that abundance. Our summer evenings were spent shucking corn and snapping and shelling beans and peas. Mornings and early evenings were for harvesting and during the day Momma would “put up” what we had picked by freezing or canning. Daddy made sure the garden had good rows and not many weeds, and was always ready with a hoe in the event a snake was found hiding among the corn!

I had a quality childhood and I’m glad I’m old enough to realize it.

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~Kristen~ said...

You certainly did!!! It sounds wonderful!!! Though I didn't grow up in a rural setting like you I really miss this simpler times we grew up in (gosh I make it sound like it was sooooo long ago and it was only the 70's and 80's...lololol!!!). But things, I think, really were easier. Better. Certainly nicer!