Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My hubby's b-day!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband, Virgil (a.k.a. Ben, V, Banchi, Hubbit, Hubbitron…)

I’m abundantly blessed to have you as my life mate, best friend, co-parent, co-conspirator... My cup runneth over!

I’m so proud of you for so many things but mostly for your love of our God and your parenting of our son!

Looking forward to many, many more birthday celebrations together.

I love you! Happy Birthday!


Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Virgilonium. (Hey, I want to have a special name for you, too!)

~Kristen~ said...

Awwww, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Virgil!!!!! Make sure Amy spoils you today!!!

Carol said...

Just in under the gun....Happy birthday V!! Hope it was a great day!

Tony, Jimi, Nicki, Joey, Ryan and Kaycee said...

One day late, but I hope your day was FABULOUS!! Looks like you definately had a great breakfast!! Whew, what a great way to start the day...