Thursday, September 10, 2009


I can't believe it is already September 10! Hello FaLL! I've set out one little piece of Autumn and hope to add more in the next few days. Still waiting for a truly chilling cool front to hit North Central Texas. Our weather has been much milder than normal so I can really get my hopes up about the Fall season.

Are you celebrating Fall/Autumn yet? If so, how?

Blessings, Amy


~Kristen~ said...

Girl, I have been celebrating fall since I was melting in the heat and humidity back in August!!! lolol It is barely 60* here in Boston it!!!

Mardell said...

As I walked to the corner store this morning, I was literally kicking the leaves that have fallen from the Maple trees. :o) What a beautiful sight on a glorious sunny morning. Lovely colors of Fall painted on the grass. William's nose was pink waiting for the bus...a chilly 51°.

Glad to hear the temps are letting up for you in TX. Heat & humidity can really drag you down ~ aack. God bless you all for dealing w/it!!

Carol said...

It has been mild here in Kansas, which is nice! I pulled out a few autumn things, and I'm so ready to pull out the hoodies and sweaters!

Jenny said...

Oh, that sounds glorious!