Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I am happy today!

I am happy today! Not that I'm not normally happy, but today I am in particularly good spirits. I feel skippy! Yep, skippy. Read Jenny's post here to see how I'm feeling.

Things feel nice. My house is pretty much in order. I'm trucking along in my college class. I'm not too far behind on my quilt along. Work is good. It might snow on Thursday. I'm losing weight. I have the best husband and son in the world. I have a lovely family and great friends and the Lord, my father in heaven, blesses me daily. Sometimes it takes me a few days to see it. But, eventually, when I finally open my eyes, I SEE it!



Mardell said...

Oh Amy ~ You remind me of this saying:

Smile awhile
and while you
Smile ~ another smiles.
and soon there are
Miles and miles
of smiles and
Life's worth while
Because you

That's what I do when I think of you. ♥
PS: I mailed your cards out yesterday. xoxoxo

Carol said...

I can't imagine your beautiful face without a smile! Glad you are feeling so joyful! I wish you this happiness everyday!

Susan said...

You are so sweet.
Keep skipping,