Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My American Picker Experience

The Woods' household loves the show American Pickers. And if you read my post - E is for Entrepreneur - you saw that my son Stephen has taken their philosophy to heart!
Today I'm linking up with Jenny Matlock to show my American Picker Experience.

You see, I love thrift stores and antique stores. Not the fancy, dolled up stores either. No, the trashier looking, the better. Because it's in those places that I can actually find things I ♥ and not pay much moola!

Back in January Virgil, Stephen and I along with Virgil's parents spent the weekend in Oklahoma looking for bald eagles and loons. We didn't find any - but outside of Muskogee, OK we did find an "antique" store. We passed it by and I screeched at my dear Hubs, "Go back, go back!" So he turned around. Stephen and I were so excited we were panting like a couple of puppy dogs about to get a treat.

I can't remember the name of the place. I was too excited to notice something like a name! At first I thought, man this IS a bunch of junk, but slowly I began to notice little treasures here and there. Nothing I was interested in buying, but little treasures all the same. Then I noticed another huge room at the back of the store. As I entered the room, I saw them! A 4-piece set of vintage Crazy Daisy pyrex cinderella-style mixing bowls!!! I grabbed them to check the price tag fully expecting to see $65 to $115 which is what I had seen them sell for in the past. But that was at those dolled up antique stores. This set was $20!!!! I wrapped my arms around them like a long lost lover!

I passed an older lady who gave me a side-long look and said, "I guess you know you got a good deal on those." I said, "Yes ma'am!!"
I was pretty much done at that point. My excito-meter was leveled at a nice hum and I was feeling pretty good. And then I saw this:

Please ignore everything in the above photo except for the lovely metal typewriter stand. The last time I saw one of these lovlies the price tag read $75. This one? $7!!! So I bought it too. And my hubs still thinks I'm crazy as it is sitting in our garage piled up with a ceramic pie holder and two tackle boxes. BUT, this spring I'm going to paint that baby a lovely shade of green, yellow or aqua and it will make a darling plant stand for our entryway!


Mardell said...

Oh Amy ~ you scored!! I love the "trashy" places too ~ you NEVER know what will turn up in those places. And yes, the prices are usually very cheap. I used to have a typewriter stand just like that but it got tossed during one of our moves. Never would have thought to paint it & use it for a plant stand. Ahhhh... Love the Pyrex bowls too. It's amazing that all the pieces were there. So cool!

wishes, true and kind said...

Oh, my eye went right to that typewriter stand! I never thought they were attractive at all back in the day, but now.... This is so funny because I just saw one of those the other night in an old church and both my husband and I commented on it. I think you will be able to do something smashing with it!


Jenny said...

Amy, I love your finds! I keep seeing those tables as nightstands or end table and I think they are sooooo cool. You could even try Merediths technique of stenciling birds or something on there!

This is sooooo cool!